Abigails Angels

Oracle card readings, TFT© , negative energy clearance, mediumship, healing, clairvoyance, Reiki, 
Painting lovingly painted by Annie Weston, please contact for commisions       Crystal Therapy, Relaxation & Stress Relief

A little about me

Since a child I have heard, communicated with and had great love for spirit. I am psychic, clairvoyant whatever name people like to give. I have spent many years learning and growing spiritually with some fantastic gifted mentors. Life has been a challenge, one I believe I chose for myself. It has taught me empathy, sympathy, compassion, laughter and so much more.  For many years I have been helped by so many in spirit. All my loving Guides and Power Animals, not to forget the trees, crystals and all other beings of light. So I now work to help others. I have a strong sense of belief that all things can be overcome, as time they say is a healer. My therapies and workshops help people move on quicker as I don't believe we need to suffer. Please contact me if you are interested in any of my therapies or workshops. 

I have recently trained with Ven.Lama Ngedon Drime for the The Art of Finding Stillness and Calm. This will be a workshop and also available as 1:1 sessions coming soon, please see above headed Calm for further details. 

I also believe in other non- spiritual (as such) therapies, namely TFT©. This is a brilliant therapy that doesn't have to be based at all on the spiritual. Please see my page about it, it really does help release grief and trauma amongst other things. 

I am lucky  to have a fantastic partner, Kevin, who is an artist and photographer and we live by the sea with our two fur babies Abraham and Mitsi. 

I am a tutor in the lifelong learning, a TFT© practitioner, a qualified healer through the NFSH, Crystal Therapist, Reiki healer, Shefa card reader and member of the Spirit Release Foundation (the original). I am also a qualified photographer. Professional member of CThA and a Registered ACHO Practitioner
07482 721191